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A level 4 certification rocket in the making
:: 2011/06/26

By André choquette (French article)

Scratch build of a level four certifier from ground-up, including a glimpse of the documents and paperwork that must be produced, step-by-step photos of the build and a lot of useful data on the rocket.

This rocket took to the skies with impeccable success on July 31, 2011, thus certifying André Choquette for level 4. Hopefuly we'll be seeing this aircraft hit the speed of sound in 2012.

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Build video of a LOC Big Nuke with fiberglassed mount and fins
:: 2010/08/29

By Chris Courtois

Build highlight video of Chris Courtois' level 3 certification rocket with fiberglass around the motor mount and lower airframe. The build gives a heavy, robust aircraft with a lot of excess weight; the result being a rocket that's heavy, can take big motors and give slow liftoffs, and take quite the hit.

This rocket has flown six times in 2011, including a certification flight on May 20, 2011. It survived a week up a tree in a storm, a 500ft free-fall in a corn field and a 950km/h flight.

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