Rocket Fest 2014 3D
Rocket Fest 2014 Coverage in 3D

VIPE 2013 3D
VIPE 2013 Coverage in 3D

Rocket Fest 2013 3D
Rocket Fest 2013 Coverage in 3D

Season 2012 3D
QRC Season 2012 in 3D

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About the QRC

Sylvain Gagnon' PML Aurora
Blazing Archers 2, 1998 (K550)
The Québec Rocketry Club is a group of individuals who build and launch rockets and organize events at which members can fly their own low-power, mid-power or high-power creations. The members of the club and the management board combine their material and intellectual efforts in hopes of, through good teamwork and solidarity, provide the safe and legal means of practicing the wonderful science of rocketry for anyone.

Our club also sometimes organizes workshops and reunions; a great place to discuss, share information and show each other some tricks without the "pressure" that exists at the launch events.

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