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The Canadian Internet Rocketry Network Registry

The Québec Rocketry Club use the assistance of a few tools avilable on the online rocket registry Canadian Internet Rocketry Network (CIRN). To request an account, please post a request using the form below. This system is useful for us in five ways:

High power rocket registry for all our members

Any QRC member is allowed to a CIRN account. On CIRN, members can post their own rockets along with detailed information. This is only required once for each rocket, so a member can keep track of all their rockets by using the registry. Of course, if certain aspects of an aircraft or rocket changes over time, the details can be modified and updated. Members will also find a list of all the launch events in their province.

Event RSVP

Members with a CIRN account can confirm their intention of attending an event by using the event RSVP page. To submit flights and other items related to an event, the member must first add the event in question to their event RSVP list.

Entering flights into the log

Before, during or after events, we encourage our members to post their flight information into the CIRN registry. Each flight posted is simply linked to one of your rockets, and therefore only information pertaining to the flight needs to be entered. After an event ends, we strongly encourage members to update their entries made before the event and we appreciate when as many members as possible submit all flights they've performed if it hasn't been already done before the event.

Easy to print flight data sheets

Of course, for those who submit their flights ahead of the event, a standard flight data sheet containing all the information required by RSO's and rocket inspectors can be printed for each flight submitted. This can save a lot of time and spare you from using a pen at launch events - unless it's for rocketry measurements.

Regrouping pictures, web links (videos) and documents related to the event

After each event, members registered on CIRN can send in their pictures, links and documents related to the event. CIRN produces a public information page for each event posted in the system. These pages show the event's description, the dates, weather reports, driving directions, the launch log and finally, a regroupment of all pictures, links and documents related to the event, posted by members. Here is an example of a CIRN event public information page for VIPE 2011:

Other uses for the CIRN registry

Labels for lost rockets

The CIRN registry assigns a unique serial number to each rocket or aircraft posted in the system. The registry can therefore generate a label to be printed and posted on your rocket. This rocket shows the rocket's CIRN serial number, along with instructions informing whoever finds the rocket (in the case it is lost) to report the serial number on the CIRN website. With the serial number and the simple use of the CIRN website, the person who finds a rocket with a CIRN label on it will be able to notify the owner they've found the rocket, get in touch with the member and arrange a pick-up.

Public information pages for each of your rockets

Each rocket or aircraft posted on the CIRN registry is assigned a unique web link which leads to a public information page showing the rocket's details, pictures and flight log. You can share this link with friends and even post it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Here's an exqample of a CIRN rocket information page, showing the rocket of one of our members:

Coming soon... Motor requests & orders...

Soon we will have no choice but to order all our motors in advance, a few days before the beginning of each event. Because this may prove to be a touchy task, we will develop a motor request module into CIRN. This module will use the motor information of the flights members have submitted for a given event; members will be able to specify, for each individual flight they enter, if they need the club's help getting the motor they have specified.

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