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For people who want to fly, registration will take place each day of the event on the site. Please have some cash ready for your registration fees. If you are attending as a spectator, a donation is greatly appreciated.

The launch events are controled by the Québec Rocketry Club, an organisation affiliated with the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR).

Prices per weekend for QRC members and members of any other club affiliated to the CAR:
20$ for high power (H up to O)
5$ for low power (1/4A to G)

Prices for others*:
40$ for high power (H up to O)
10$ for low power (1/4A to G)
*You must be a member of CAR in order to launch


Any member who wants to certify for level 1 must pass a written exam, to be completed on-site.

If you need the kit containing all the documents related to the written exam, please post a request using the form below.

For level 1 to 3 certifications, please print a copy of the CAR certification form for each certification attempt you plan to make. You can download this form here. Bring the copies you print with you on-site.

For level 4 ecrtifications, there are special procedures we must observe. Please communicate with the club's board by going to this form if you have intentions of attempting a level 4 certification.

Motors and Reloads

You will need to order your motors before the launch evens, about ten days before the event at the latest. Please check with event organizers to make sure you know the SPECIFIC deadline to order motors for a given event.

Ordering Cesaroni motors from Sunward Hobbies
To order from Sunward Hobbies, please use this link:
Just mention, in the order notes, that you are ordering for the next QRC launch, which will prompt the store to ship your order to the launch.

Ordering Aerotech or Estes motors from Canadian Rocketry Store
To order from Canadian Rocketry Store, make sure you have the promotion code relative to the launch you're going to and enter this code when your check out your order. Promotional codes are normally revealed upon announcing each launch. To order, please use these links: (Low power) (High power)

You will have the chance to pay beforehand, eliminating all needs of on-site accounting.

Please note that most motors (except a few rare exclusions) will be shipped DIRECTLY TO THE EVENT. To save you on steep HazMat and shipping fees, the orders are collectively shipped to club officials in one package, allowing us to distribute the pre-paid motors on-site in absolute safety.

For the press

If you are a journalist, a reporter or a member of the press and have the intention of attending one of our events to perform a broadcast or report, please notify us of this a few days ahead of the event.

This can be done using our press access request form in the "Press" section, under the "Information" tab.


It usually is possible to camp on-site, but if rough camping isn't your style or any other limitations prevent on-site camping, there typically are motels in the vicinity of our launch sites.

Uncertain Weather...

Over the years experience has shown us that weather has a horrible, self-serving sense of humour. Conditions can change drastically, especially in the regions we pick. In 2009 the entire season was wiped out by bad timing on behalf of the wetaher. In 2011 we were able to hold all four events we had planned. It can go either way!

To stay up to date on weather, simply consult the details page for the event you're attending and read the weather reports if there are any. We usually start posting them a week or two before the event and update them frequently.

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