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Rocket Fest 2013 3D
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Joining the QRC

:: Why join the Québec Rocketry Club
If you want to launch rockets in Québec and you are a member of the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR), by joining the QRC you get:

1) Priviledged access to our launch events
2) At our launch events, you pay the member's fee; not the guest fee.
3) You'll get to know other rocket builders from Québec!

:: Must I be a member of the CAR?
Yes! The QRC is affiliated to the Canadian Association of Rocketry, who supply us with an insurance service to cover our launch events.

:: If I am not a Québec resident?
Of course, if you're not from the province and you simply want to launch rockets, we offer the same rates for any member of a club affiliated with the CAR and we offer guest rates for visitors who are only members of the CAR, but not member of any affiliated club.

:: How do I join?

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New members: check the option under this field.

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Postal Code

Deadline for renewals: March 31st

To join or renew your membership, please fill the form on the left.

Make sure to pick the correct option for low power: under 18 year olds pay 5$ while the rest pay 10$. Every high power member pays 40$.

We also are accepting new members on-site at our launch events. There will soon be an online form to treat new members an renewals along with payment. If you need to renew or simply wish to let us know of your intention to join, write to us using this form.

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