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GO for October Sky 2018!
:: 2018/10/01

October Sky 2018 is arriving quickly. The launch will take place on October 6 and 7 2018 in St-Pie-de-Guire near Drummondville. The launch site will be on rang Letendre, the same location as the spring launch.

To have a smooth launch we're going to need a lot of volunteers such as LCO, rocket inspectors and pad, installation and takedown assistance.

We are likely to only get to launch Saturday due to weather. Another note, highway 20 should be closed coming back to Montreal between Drummondville and St-Hyacinthe, plan to use highway 30 through Sorel for the ride home.

Hoping to see all of you there!

VIPE 2018 cancelled for July 8 2018
:: 2018/07/07

The forecast is showing strong winds for July 8; too strong to allow for rockets to be launched. We regret to inform you that we're going to cancel Sunday. The next opportunity will be at October Sky 2018 on October 6 and 7 2018.

Sorry for the unfortunate turn of events and may October Sky bring better conditions!

GO for Rocket Fest 2018!
:: 2018/05/31

Great news! It's a GO for Rocket Fest 2018!

Please note that we may have considerable amounts of wind and that the 6000 foot ceiling may be adjusted depending on conditions. Saturday afternoon seems to be our best launch window according to forecast.

We hope to see you all there!

General Assembly on March 31st at 9am at the Cosmodôme de Laval
:: 2018/03/12

The members of the QRC have been invited to the General Assembly taking place March 31st at 9am at the Cosmodôme de Laval.
We will hold workshops in the afternoon, but our schedule isn't yet complete.
If you wish to perform a presentation, please contact M Steeve de Carufel who has been tasked with this part of the day.

If you are a member and have not received the invitation, please communicate with Yves Dufour or André Choquette.

Go for October Sky this weekend!
:: 2017/10/18

We are GO for October Sky 2017. We should have a great weekend weather-wise, but there is risk of cloud cover on Sunday.

We should be able to begin operations around 9 AM on Sunday until around 5 PM. For Sunday the window will be shorter, going from 9 AM to 3 PM.

We hope to see you all there!

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