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Go for Rocket Fest 2017 this weekend
:: 2017/05/18

The weather starts off nice for the 2017 season as we are looking at a great Saturday to launch with mid-range winds, clear skies and temperatures warm enough to enjoy the day, followed by an even more favorable Sunday, showing conditions of low wind and some slight cloud cover. This means that we are officially "GO" for this weekend's launch.

It won't be our usual scalding hot May weekend, so bring a warm shirt just in case. For the most part it should be an excellent weekend to launch rockets: See you there!

The 2017 schedule is published! Rocket Fest on May 20 and 21
:: 2017/04/24

We've just published the full season schedule for 2017 in the events section, and it starts with Rocket Fest on May 20 and 21! If you're interested in eventually obtaining motor reloads for this event, please consult this link:

Stay tuned for updates on the season opener Rocket Fest as we make preparations and eventually issue weather reviews.

October Sky 2016 GO for October 9 and 10!
:: 2016/10/03

We are GO for October Sky 2016 on Sunday and Monday only, with Saturday being too cloudy, windy and rainy to launch! The launch should be set up at our usual primary spot (rang Letendre) in St Pie de Guire, the same place a last May.

We're going to try lauching as early as possible starting around 10am. Setup should start at 8am and if you can make it, we'll appreciate all the help we can get!

Don't forget to bring your radios if you have any, as the tall corn may make searches more complicated. As previously mentioned, a lot of the crops should still be standing.

For those showing up after the safety briefing, please consult the RSO for any precautions or warnings specific to the given day.

GO for Horizon 2016 on august 27 and 28!
:: 2016/08/17

Finally, Mother Nature cooperates for Horizon 2016 "take two". The forecast shows a near perfect Saturday with low winds, clear weather and no clouds. Sunday shows a trickier situation with a slight possibility of some rain at the end of the day.

The entrance will be in the same location as VIPE 2016.

To maximize time on Saturday, we should arrive around 8am to begin setup; the more help we have, the faster we can start the day!

VIPE: GO for July 23 and 24
:: 2016/07/04

Finally the weather seems to be cooperating for our second attempt at VIPE 2016! There should be some cloud cover (and possible rain, but only 30%) on Saturday with very low winds, followed by a much nicer, warmer and clearer Sunday, again with low wind.

Press the button below for more details (weater, location, etc)

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