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Weather is NO-GO for Horizon 2015
:: 2015/08/27

Unfortunately we have to cancel the Horizon 2015 launch this weekend due to a very grim forecast that would only leave an hour or two of acceptable weather, with rain scattered through the day.

Let's hope for better luck when October Sky comes around!

Need more motors for Horizon 2015? Now's the time to order!
:: 2015/08/19

While we expect most of you may have stocked up for the last event which was cancelled due to rain, if you need to add a few extras in the pile, you can place orders to Sunward up until next week.

If you want to jump in our group buy, consult this page for more info:

Weather checks and more info coming soon for Horizon 2015 - stay tuned!

VIPE 2015 Cancelled due to Rain
:: 2015/07/16

After having our primary launch dates rained out, this weekend poses an even greater risk of rain than last time and thus, we are forced to scrub the event.

The quantity of rainfall forecasted over the weekend would not only likely prevent launch, but would also compromise site safety.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we schedule TWO high altitude high power events. Hopefully we can gather for our next attempt at this same location, which will take place August 29 and 30 2015.

Also note that this is not common within the QRC: This is our first full scrub since 2009.

VIPE 2015 - postponed to July 18-19 due to rain
:: 2015/07/01

Hello fellow rocket builders and launchers!

In light of the most recent forecasts covering the area of our launch, we have no choice but to postpone the launch to our rain date of July 18 and 19. Thunderstorm season is in full effect in the area, and the thunderstorms can be skittish and unpredictable.

Check back in for the July 18-19 weekend!

VIPE 2015 - Motor ordering time!
:: 2015/06/16

In order to be on time and take part in our grouped motor shipment, we recommend you place your orders over the course of this week, making sure stock checks and the shipment itself can all get out on time.

If you want to jump in our group buy, consult this page for more info:

Note that the Canadian Rocketry Store now offer Aerotech's new single-use high power line (Disposable Motor System: DMS) which has a pretty vast 38mm selection and even a few 54mm motors going all the way to "L" impulse!

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